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ITS Summit NYC 2018 Podcast: Exploring Digital Transformation for Financial Desktops

Digital transformation is all the rage in the back office, but what about the front office where traders work with at least 10 different apps every day? This fractured ecosystem was the subject of a session presented by Adam Toms, CEO of OpenFin Europe, at last month’s A-Team Group Intelligent Trading Summit in New York City.

Toms discussed the evolution of the trader’s desktop into a rather crowded screen and noted that while software vendors do a great job of building individual apps, they are not so good at integrating them, which can be a drag for traders looking for the best information at a particular time.

To make the desktop more attractive, intuitive and responsive, Toms proposed the use of OpenFin technology that provides a seamless link between apps and can support a smart desktop that is contextually aware of what a trader is using and which app the trader may want to use next.

To find out more about the potential of OpenFin and the FDC3 initiative that aims to create common standards for application interoperability across financial desktops, listen to our podcast.

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