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Podcast Interview with A-Team CEO: Building and leading a content-centric business

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One of A-Team Group’s industry friends and highly valued speaker at past events of ours, JR Lowry, recently interviewed A-Team Group’s chief executive officer Angela Wilbraham about what it takes to build a content-centric business and stay relevant more than 20 years later.

James (JR) Lowry, who is currently COO at Janus Henderson Investors, has founded a side venture called PathWise.io to help propel others’ career development. There are some other great episodes to listen to, including with the chairman and CEO of IHS Markit (now part of S&P Global) Lance Uggla – the full listing of podcast interviews is available here https://pathwise.io/podcast/

Here’s an overview of the episode:

How does one build a content-centric business and stay relevant more than 20 years later? We’re not talking about an industry behemoth here. We’re talking about a relatively small agency that must have been doing something right for it to thrive through the turmoil of the past two decades. Angela Wilbraham believes that the secret lies in being aware of how things are shifting and being open to change.

That is how she took the A-Team Group to success on top of success amidst all the changes in the content marketing industry. Angela may have played a huge part in making sure her company successfully faces every hurdle, but she doesn’t take all the credit for herself. Instead, she shows us just how important her team was in everything they have achieved so far. After all, if you’re leading an A-Team, you’re missing out if you’re not maximizing everything they have to offer. Join this conversation and learn how Angela makes all of this possible.

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