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Entity Data Management

Entity data management has historically been a rather overlooked area of the reference data landscape, but with the increase focus on managing risk, the industry is finally taking notice. It is now generally agreed to be critical to every financial institution; although the rewards for investment in entity data management appear to be rather small, the consequences for getting it wrong are severe. Settlement, legal, financial, regulatory and reputational risks are all inherent in a failure to properly manage entity data.

Risk mitigation has become the key driver for change in this current economic climate and entity data plays a significant part in this. The emergence of golden copy logic and enterprise data management in the entity data space is a positive step forwards for the industry with regards to better data management. Financial institutions are continuing to invest in improving their entity data management and the vendors in this space have stepped up to the plate to provide more integrated services. Connectivity and integration have become important buzzwords for the entity data landscape.

This special report brings together contributions from key providers, along with A-Team’s own commentary and insight into entity data management.

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