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Regulatory Reporting Handbook – First Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of A-Team Group’s Regulatory Reporting Handbook, a comprehensive guide to reporting obligations that must be fulfilled by financial institutions on a global basis. The handbook reviews not only the current state of play within the regulatory reporting space, but also looks ahead to identify how institutions should be preparing for new regulatory requirements.

In a period of regulatory upheaval across capital markets, this edition of the handbook provides a solid foundation for understanding the breadth of regulatory reporting considerations, as well as a flavour of what banks and regulators are dealing with in 2023 – the challenges they are facing, changes they must accommodate, and ever smarter regulatory technology solutions.

Download the handbook to find out about:

  • Types of regulatory reporting
  • Challenges posed by reporting obligations
  • The potential of RegTech solutions
  • The cost of getting it wrong
  • Key regulations requiring reporting
  • How to be better at regulatory reporting

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