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The knowledge platform for the financial technology industry

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ESG Handbook 2023

The ESG Handbook 2023 edition is the essential guide to everything you need to know about ESG and how to manage requirements if you work in financial data and technology.

Download your free copy to understand:

  • What ESG Covers: The scope and definition of ESG
  • Regulations: The evolution of global regulations, especially in the UK and US, where rules are still being encoded
  • Data challenges: Emerging challenges as new data sources and formats proliferate, and as analytical technologies become more sophisticated
  • Regulatory reporting challenges: Continued efforts to streamline international ESG reporting standards
  • Scope of ESG Projects: How new economic and geopolitical stresses have prompted a rethink of what the ESG project should seek to achieve;
  • Outlook

Across the handbook, we’ve updated multiple sections to reflect the many changes that have taken place over the past 12 months, and to help you navigate what will undoubtedly be another explosive year for ESG.

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