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Data Lineage Handbook

Data lineage has become a critical concern for data managers in capital markets as it is key to both regulatory compliance and business opportunity. The regulatory requirement for data lineage kicked in with BCBS 239 in 2016 and has since been extended to many other regulations that oblige firms to provide transparency and a data audit trail.

From a business perspective, data lineage has much to offer from gaining greater insight into data to making smarter business decisions and exploring new business propositions. Operational benefits include the ability to reduce cost and risk by eradicating redundant data and systems.

This handbook is designed to help you and your organisation develop and make best use of data lineage. Whether you are struggling to win management buy-in, looking to increase automation, considering technology solutions, or seeking the ultimate benefit of new business opportunities, the handbook is here to help.

Download the handbook to find out more about:

  • The regulatory requirement
  • Best practice approaches
  • Technology and automation
  • Potential operational gains
  • New business opportunities



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