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Dell Touts Performance of its TIBCO FTL Stack

The low-latency arms race continues … Dell used SIFMA to promote the performance of its servers running TIBCO’s latest FTL (Faster Than Light) messaging middleware. The bottom line: 2.5 million messages/second processed with a mean latency of 13 microseconds.

At the show, Dell execs pointed to a just-released STAC-M2 benchmark report, only the second to showcase performance using RoCE – RDMA over Converged Ethernet – networking, which is being positioned as a credible competitor to InfiniBand for low-latency networking.

A STAC benchmark based on IBM hardware and messaging middleware using RoCE, was published in April. The bottom line for that test was 2.3 million messages with 13 microseconds mean latency.

For the geeks out there, the test configuration comprised:

– TIBCO FTL 1.1 messaging middleware
– Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 5.5 operating system
– 2 x Intel Xeon x5670 2.93GHz
– Dell c61000 server
– Mellanox MNPH29C-XTR ConnectX-2 EN network interfaces
– OFED 1.5.3 software drivers for RoCE
– Arista 7124SX 10Gbps ethernet switch

STAC-M2 is designed to measure how messaging middleware performs when handling real-time market data.

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