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Data Management Insight Brief

Informatica Extends Access to Intelligent Data Management Platform in Canada

Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management provider, has established a Microsoft Azure pod in Canada for its Canadian customers. For Informatica customers that use the Azure ecosystem – particularly those in highly-regulated sectors such as financial services – the pod provides access to the company’s Intelligent Data Management Platform (IDMC) to manage complex and fragmented data estates, better comply with strict data residency requirements and support complex cloud modernisation projects.

It also gives Canadian Azure customers access to the latest Informatica-Microsoft integrations, including IDMC as an Azure Native Service and its integration with Microsoft Fabric.

With the availability of the Azure pod, Canadian customers can purchase IDMC as an Azure SaaS solution through the Azure Marketplace.

KX Expands Integration with Microsoft Azure to Foster AI Application Development

KX, a provider of vector and time-series data management, has announced two offerings optimised for Microsoft Azure customers: the integration of KDB.AI with Azure Machine Learning and Azure OpenAI Service; and KX Copilot. The integration of KDB.AI with Azure Machine Learning and Azure OpenAI Service allows developers that require turnkey technology stacks to speed up the process of building and deploying AI applications by accessing fully configured instances of KDB.AI, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure OpenAI Service inside their customer subscription.

KX Copilot helps business eases the execution of complex queries on substantial datasets. Using the Azure-powered KX Copilot and a Microsoft Teams plug-in, customers can leverage vectorised data housed in kdb Insights Enterprise to facilitate better queries using natural language prompts. Users can then manage and explore the data more intuitively to generate critical real-time business insights.

Ashok Reddy, CEO at KX, says: “Generative AI is the defining technology of our age. The introduction of these services will help organisations harness its power for greater risk management, enhanced productivity and real-time decision-making.”

General availability of each KX offering in Azure Marketplace is expected in 2024.

Canoe Intelligence Engages Amplify Advisory as First Partner in Canoe Pro Plan

Canoe Intelligence, a technology provider to the alternatives industry, has released Canoe Pro in collaboration with Amplify Advisory Solutions, a professional services consulting firm that has signed up to the Canoe Pro partner network. By combining Canoe’s alternative investment technology with specialised support from partners such as Amplify, Canoe Pro delivers a unified and comprehensive offering designed to become an extension of the clients’ operations team.

Tim Loughrey, vice president of client success at Canoe Intelligence, says: “Canoe Pro is about equipping clients with the tools and support they need to navigate change and achieve their objectives in a perpetually evolving landscape. It represents the next step in our mission to empower our clients and optimise data management for alternative assets.”

Bloomberg Introduces Intra-Firm Chatbots for Enhanced Digital Collaboration

Bloomberg has launched a new service, IB Connect: Intra-Firm Chatbots, designed to enhance digital collaboration for Bloomberg Terminal users. The add-on allows users to integrate proprietary chatbots into Instant Bloomberg (IB) chat rooms, facilitating the sharing of internal system information and improving in-house business intelligence discovery.

The new service supports two types of chatbots. Q&A Intra-Firm Chatbots enable users to extract actionable intelligence directly into chatrooms, addressing queries using data from internal systems. Notification Intra-Firm Chatbots provide timely updates and alerts within the IB environment, ensuring critical information is seamlessly communicated during workflows. This integration uses natural language processing to structure unstructured IB data, which clients can customise for their unique tech stacks and workflows, adhering to Bloomberg’s API protocols.

DTCC Streamlines OTC Derivatives Data Access

DTCC has launched OTC Direct Connect, a service providing access to OTC derivatives transactions data that is reportable in the US and Canada. The service eliminates manual data collection and providers subscribers in derivatives markets with access to a fast and frictionless data delivery solution that can help them manage market risks and trading risk factors in near real-time.

“This solution systematically and seamlessly disseminates OTC derivatives transaction data to interested parties,” says Tim Lind, managing director of DTCC Data Services. “OTC Direct Connect improves transparency in the OTC derivatives markets, as intended by regulatory disclosure mandates, by providing subscribers with improved information access.”

Broadridge Offers AI Tools to Help Asset Managers Optimise Product, Strategy and Distribution Decisions

Broadridge Financial Solutions is offering two AI-enabled analytics tools to optimise product, strategy and distribution decision-making for asset managers. DistributionAI is a natural language digital analyst tool within Broadridge’s Distribution Insight platform that provides access to proprietary global asset management market intelligence and research reports to help asset managers optimise distribution, product development, and sales and marketing.

Global Demand Model measures and analyses demand for asset management products today and in the future. It tracks over $100 trillion of global assets and uses AI-driven models to understand the relationship between asset flows and thousands of predictive capital market and macroeconomic features, coupled to human in the loop systems. This equips asset managers with more confidence in the analysis of current and future product demand.

Quantexa Opens Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Quantexa, a provider of decision intelligence solutions, has opened Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore. The opening is part of a broader regional expansion plan and follows the July 2023 start of Quantexa’s Japan operations in Tokyo and long-standing presence in Melbourne, Sydney and Malaysia. Further expansion into Hong Kong is expected in 2024.

The regional headquarters will provide sales, marketing, product management, and professional services capabilities to support customer implementations of the company’s Decision Intelligence Platform. The opening of the Singapore office follows Quantexa’s recent completion of a Series E funding round led by GIC Singapore.

Substantive Research Uncovers Rapid Increases in Market Data Pricing Amidst Regulatory Scrutiny

The latest analysis of 2023 market data pricing from research discovery and analytics provider Substantive Research, reveals that market data prices are going up faster than ever, identical products and use cases are charged inconsistently, and agreements are persistently unclear.

This comes despite the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) ongoing review into market data pricing practices. In August 2023, the FCA indicated that its highly anticipated Wholesale Market Data Study, due for publication in March 2024, will outline several concerns, including restrictive terms around data usage, high barriers to entry, high contract renewal charges, and a lack of meaningful innovation in the market.

Although the FCA has found that some aspects of the market prevent, restrict or distort competition, it has stated it not proposing to make a referral to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, believing it is best positioned to address these issues within the FCA itself.

Substantive Research’s data shows ratings agencies have increased prices by an average 12%, index providers by an average 13%, and some outliers have charged clients up to 600% more. For specific products, some consumers are paying more than 26 times than others for very similar requirements, according to the analysis.

Legal Entity Identifier Endorsed by CPMI for Use in Cross-Border Payments

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) has welcomed the endorsement of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) by the Bank for International Settlements Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) ‘Harmonized ISO 20022 data requirements for enhancing cross-border payments’. The CPMI ISO 20022 data requirements establish a consistent minimum set of messaging data for more efficient processing of cross-border payments in support of G20 targets.

The CPMI has recognised the LEI as an equivalent identifier to the Business Identifier Code (BIC) for identifying financial institutions and legal entities within a payment message. Specifically, the data structuring requirements suggest the LEI and/or BIC for identifying all financial institutions involved in a cross-border payment. The LEI and/or BIC may also substitute or complement name and postal address information to aid the identification of all legal entities involved in a cross-border payment in a standardised and structured way.

Tradeweb and FTSE Russell Partner to Develop Next-Gen Fixed Income Index Pricing

Tradeweb Markets, a global operator of electronic marketplaces for rates, credit, equities and money markets, and FTSE Russell, an LSEG business, have made a strategic partnership to develop next-generation fixed income index pricing and index trading products. The firms aim to provide next-generation pricing across a broader range of fixed income securities, which will be administered by FTSE Russell as benchmarks and will deliver robust, algorithmic, and reliable pricing. The closing prices amalgamate trading activity from Tradeweb’s electronic platform, enabling closer alignment with actual trading levels and intraday pricing.

In the coming months, the firms will also continue to collaborate on fixed income pricing sets to extend coverage across multiple regions and fixed income asset classes. Over time, FTSE Russell will explore incorporating Tradeweb pricing into FTSE Fixed Income indices, starting with FTSE World Government Bond Index (WGBI), a flagship index comprised of sovereign debt from over 20 countries and denominated in a variety of currencies.

Lisa Schirf, global head of data and analytics at Tradeweb, says: “Tradeweb’s collaboration with FTSE Russell will provide clients with verified benchmarks they can use as reliable closing prices for their end-of-day trading strategies and other purposes. The Tradeweb FTSE closing prices will create a foundation across global fixed income markets for consistent end-of-day and intraday prices.”