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TradingTech Insight Brief

Bloomberg Launches Alternative Data Function, ALTD < GO >

Bloomberg has introduced a new alternative data function, ALTD <GO>, offering customers an early read on company performance, side-by-side with traditional fundamental data on the Bloomberg Terminal. Through ALTD <GO>, users can incorporate consumer transaction data analytics, location analytics and other types of alternative data into their research workflows.

The flagship data analytics source for ALTD <GO> is Bloomberg Second Measure, which uses aggregated analytics from billions of credit card and debit card purchases to provide near real-time consumer transaction insights on over 300 public tickers. ALTD <GO> also includes location analytics data from Placer.ai, which analyses foot traffic data from tens of millions of mobile devices, applying machine learning and AI algorithms to make estimations on visits to retail locations across the US.

Truphone Rebrands as 1Global

Mobile network operator Truphone has announced that it is changing its company name and embarking on a rebranding journey. Henceforth, the company will be named 1GLOBAL.

In a letter to customers, the company described the essence of its new identity stemming from the fact that it is one global Telco, operating on one unified network, with one central eSIM hub and one global compliance solution, all operating on one SIM card with the capacity to bear multiple numbers.

Eventus Rolls Out Next-Generation User Interface

Trade surveillance software provider Eventus has launched the next-generation UI for its Validus platform, which the company states will provide a more streamlined, efficient user experience with comprehensive new case-building features and greater transparency.

The new UI offers centralised compliance management across all asset classes and includes an enhanced dashboard layer and easy-to-use investigation tools for faster surveillance insights, along with state-of-the-art data visualisation tools. Enhanced workflow and investigation tools are designed to accelerate alert resolution.

Aquis to Remove Ban on Aggressive Non-client Proprietary Trading

Pan-European equities market operator Aquis Exchange has announced that it is to change the proprietary trading rule for its UK and EU trading platforms, lifting the restriction on aggressive non-client proprietary trading that was introduced in 2015.. The change is due to come into effect in October 2023.

In response to member demand, Aquis is changing the rule to allow liquidity providers the option to choose if they wish to interact with aggressive non-client proprietary trading or not.

CJC and Calero Strengthen Partnership to Enhance Technology Expense Management Solutions

Market data technology consultancy CJC has strengthened its collaboration with Calero, a global provider of technology expense management solutions. The enhanced partnership follows several mutual clients making use of CJC’s vendor-neutral expertise for consulting and integrating with Calero’s Market Data Management (MDM) solution. Services involved include data discovery, licensing management, telecom expense management, and cloud-based connectivity to third parties.

The expanded relationship has led to greater client uptake of Calero’s Index License Management (ILM) and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) products, utilising CJC’s consulting expertise to optimise these solutions.

WFE Research Explores Traditional Exchanges’ Engagement with Crypto Markets

The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) has released the first part of a research project focusing on the interaction between traditional exchanges and crypto markets. The paper aims to shed light on the benefits and risks of crypto market infrastructures and how they operate. It explores how regulated exchanges are adapting to the emergence of crypto technologies by either establishing regulated crypto-trading platforms or offering crypto-related services.

The study highlights the risks associated with unregulated crypto-trading platforms, such as the potential for illegal financial activities and the implications for market integrity and investor protection. It also examines the impact of decentralised and centralised crypto platforms on aspects like liquidity, price discovery, and regulatory concerns, including anti-money laundering and investor protection.

Maybank Sekuritas Deploys Horizon’s Warrant Market Making Platform in Indonesia

Horizon Software has announced that Maybank Sekuritas, a financial services company, has started using Horizon’s platform for Warrant Market Making in Indonesia. The platform aims to improve the trading experience by combining advanced technology with market expertise, offering features like seamless execution, comprehensive risk management, and real-time market monitoring.

Maybank Sekuritas has so far introduced 30 structured warrants on the platform.

SDX Adopts Digital Token Identifier

SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) had become the first private distributed ledger technology (DLT) based financial market infrastructure to adopt the Digital Token Identifier Foundation’s ISO 24165 Digital Token Identifier (DTI) standard. The DTI standard provides a unique identifier for digital ledgers, tokens, and cryptocurrencies, and has been recommended by ESMA as a risk management measure for the EU’s DLT Pilot programme.

Tradeweb Completes A$125 Million Acquisition of Australian Trading Platform Yieldbroker

Tradeweb Markets Inc., the global operator of electronic marketplaces for rates, credit, equities and money markets, has finalised its A$125 million all-cash acquisition of Yieldbroker, an Australian trading platform specialising in government bonds and interest rate derivatives for Australia and New Zealand.

Both companies were early pioneers in bringing technology to fixed income markets. The acquisition will provide Yieldbroker’s clients access to Tradeweb’s broader global marketplace and advanced technology, while Tradeweb’s clients will gain entry into the expanding bond and derivatives markets in Australia and New Zealand.

DMALINK Surpasses Funding Target, Bolstered by Bank Partnerships

UK-based institutional trading platform DMALINK has exceeded its funding goal of £425,000 on Seedrs, achieving a pre-money valuation of £17.3 million. The platform, which focuses on FX and crypto trading, has previously raised funds on Seedrs and is in partnership with several banks including Credit Agricole, Nomura, and Danske Bank.

DMALINK generates revenue through transaction fees and a subscription-based real-time market data service, offering “favourable trading conditions” by avoiding monthly terminal or integration fees.