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LTX Introduces BondGPT, an AI-Driven Application Streamlining Corporate Bond Selection

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LTX, a subsidiary of Broadridge Financial Solutions, has launched BondGPT, an application driven by OpenAI GPT-4. The AI-powered tool will respond to bond-related queries and assist users in identifying corporate bonds on the LTX platform, integrating real-time liquidity information from the LTX Liquidity Cloud. This advancement aims to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency for asset managers, hedge funds and dealers involved in bond selection and portfolio construction.

The BondGPT application offers a large language model (LLM) chat feature, allowing users to ask questions and locate corporate bonds based on their criteria. It utilises LTX’s Liquidity Cloud and bond similarity technology to identify bonds with similar characteristics, fulfilling traders’ real-time liquidity requirements.

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