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FlexTrade Unveils AI-Driven Functionality in FlexTRADER EMS

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FlexTrade Systems has announced the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its multi-asset solution, FlexTRADER EMS. FlexA, a voice-activated application created by FlexTrade’s data science team, is designed to revolutionise the interaction between traders and their technology platform by applying natural language to parse and control the solution through voice commands or a text-based chat interface.

This innovative application allows traders to easily handle vast amounts of information beyond the traditional 2D grid visualisation and input devices. FlexA enables users to gain an in-depth understanding of orders, request tailored reports on historical trading with specific visual formats, and automate actions to accelerate workflow. This launch signifies one of the first practical applications of AI technology directly within an OEMS solution, according to the company.

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