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Trayport and Montel Group Collaborate to Boost Transparency in Green Energy Trading

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Trayport Limited, the primary network and platform for European wholesale energy markets and a subsidiary of TMX Group, is to integrate the Montel Marketplace into Trayport’s Joule platform. This integration will enable users of Joule to trade Guarantees of Origin (GOs) on the publicly accessible Montel Marketplace platform.

GOs, certificates that provide proof that a specific quantity of electricity was generated from renewable energy sources, are a key instrument in the renewable energy sector, and play a crucial role in tracking and verifying the source of renewable energy. By integrating GOs into the Joule platform, Trayport’s electronic trading solution for European power and environmental markets, the collaboration aims to enhance price transparency, reduce barriers to entry, and provide greater visibility of opportunities within the transition to green energy, according to the company.

Peter Conroy, CEO of Trayport Limited, commented: “Trayport is proud to support this new initiative launched by Montel Group. This collaboration aims to bring greater transparency and liquidity to this rapidly developing market, which has a strong overlap with our existing user base. Trayport continues to seek opportunities to expand the range of markets and products accessible to our network of over 6,800 traders and 50+ brokers and exchanges across multiple regions.”

Montel Marketplace, launched in 2022, leverages Montel’s thirty years of experience in delivering real-time energy market news and data. In its first year, Montel Marketplace has amassed approximately 1,000 users across Europe, comprising traditional energy market participants as well as a range of businesses looking to prove their renewable energy credentials.

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