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Snowflake Cortex Simplifies Route to Deriving Value from Generative AI

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Snowflake has unveiled Snowflake Cortex, an innovative managed service designed to simplify how organisations derive value from generative AI.

The service provides access to large language models (LLMs), AI models, and vector search functionality in the Snowflake Data Cloud, and includes serverless functions that help users accelerate analytics and build contextualised LLM-powered apps within minutes, as well as LLM-powered experiences that drive productivity in the data cloud.

“Snowflake is providing enterprises with the data foundation and cutting-edge AI building blocks they need to create powerful AI and machine learning apps while keeping their data safe and governed,” says Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior vice president of AI at Snowflake. “With Snowflake Cortex, businesses can tap into the power of large language models in seconds, build custom LLM-powered apps within minutes, and maintain flexibility and control over their data, while reimagining how users tap into generative AI to deliver business value.”

The serverless functions provide instant access to LLMs such as Meta AI’s Llama 2 model, task-specific models, and advanced vector search functionality. They are available through a function call in SQL or Python code and can be used by users of all skill sets to quickly analyse data or build AI apps running in the Snowflake Cortex infrastructure.

Snowflake has also built three LLM-powered experiences using Snowflake Cortex to enhance user productivity. Snowflake Copilot is an LLM-powered assistant that brings generative AI to everyday Snowflake coding tasks with natural language and allows users to ask questions of their data in plain text, write SQL queries against relevant data sets, refine queries and filter insights.

Universal Search is an LLM-powered functionality that enables users to quickly find and start getting value from the most relevant data and apps for their use cases, while Document AI uses LLMs to easily extract content like contractual terms from documents and fine-tune results using a visual interface and natural language.

Snowflake showcased these and other new solutions at its virtual Snowday today.

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