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Snowflake and NVIDIA Offer Capability to Build Customised Generative AI Applications

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Snowflake and NVIDIA have partnered to allow businesses to build customised generative AI applications using their own proprietary data within the Snowflake Data Cloud. The partnership is based on NVIDIA’s NeMo platform for developing large language models (LLMs) and GPU-accelerated computing and will enable enterprises to use data in their Snowflake accounts to build custom LLMs for advanced generative AI services, such as chatbots, search and summarisation, that can power business specific applications and services.

NVIDIA NeMo will run in the Snowflake data cloud and is a cloud-native enterprise platform for building, customising and deploying generative AI models with billions of parameters. The ability to customise LLMs without moving data enables proprietary information to remain secured and governed within the Snowflake platform.

“NVIDIA and Snowflake will create an AI factory that helps enterprises turn their own valuable data into custom generative AI models to power groundbreaking new applications – right from the cloud platform they use to run their businesses,” says Jensen Huang, founder and CEO at NVIDIA.

Frank Slootman, chairman and CEO at Snowflake, comments: “Snowflake’s partnership with NVIDIA will bring high performance machine learning and AI to our vast volumes of proprietary and structured enterprise data, a new frontier to bringing insights, predictions and prescriptions to the global world of business.”

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