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smartTrade Launches smart Copilot to Integrate AI in Trading and Payments

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Front office and trading software provider smartTrade has announced the introduction of smart Copilot, a new platform that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with human expertise to modify functions in smartTrade’s front office payments and trading platforms.

smart Copilot aims to improve trading and client management by using a combination of Large Language Models (LLMs), including technologies such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, to provide tailored sales assistance and client insights, as well as actionable analytics based on AI and Machine Learning.

The smartTrade community is in the process of exploring various potential applications and integrations for smart Copilot, according to the company. These range from the development of voice-activated trading algorithms to the use of LLMs for advanced market forecasting.

The platform is designed to offer several key features, including enhanced automation capabilities to empower decision-making with data-driven insights, improved client management through tracking interactions, a built-in live translation chat function, automatic generation of client tickets and pricing requests through natural language interactions, and direct delivery of actionable insights to sales and trading teams.

David Vincent, CEO of smartTrade, commented: “smart Copilot represents the next generation of innovation in the payments and trading arena. It’s our answer to the evolving demands of the market, ensuring every interaction is both insightful and personalised.”

Alex Culiniac, CTO of smartTrade, added: “The smart Copilot, developed in the smartTrade R&D labs, is truly innovative. It not only enhances our ongoing efforts to introduce innovative solutions but also prioritises data intelligence in driving decision-making for front office payments and trading.”

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