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Siperian Partners with Exeros to Speed up MDM Solution Deployment

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Master data management (MDM) platform vendor Siperian has entered into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with cross-source data profiling, discovery and validation software vendor Exeros. The agreement is aimed at speeding up customer deployment of the Siperian data hub with the creation of a new Siperian Data Model Designer offering, which is powered by the cross-source data analysis workbench Exeros Discovery.

Ken Hoang, founder and chief technology officer of Siperian, explains the benefits of the new addition to its MDM hub: “Exeros Discovery helps our IT customers accelerate the definition of target data models and creation of cleanse rule mappings so business users can more quickly deliver effective and intelligent business outcomes.”

The link between the two offerings enables the automation of data model creation, data model extension, and data mapping from source applications to the Siperian MDM Hub. As part of the creation phase, Siperian Data Model Designer therefore simplifies the upfront tasks of understanding the master data found in source systems, the relationships between sources, and the rules for data cleansing and mapping, says the vendor.

Hoang explains that Exeros Discovery was selected to power Siperian Data Model Designer because of its ability to identify the matching keys and complex transformations that relate data in different systems across the enterprise. He reckons the new addition will allow the Siperian solution to provide rapid time to value for its customers.

Piyush Gupta, CEO at Exeros, agrees: “The combination of Siperian MDM Hub and our innovative cross source data analysis workbench provides customers with an integrated set of capabilities for reducing overall MDM deployment time.”

The vendors claim that this new agreement is a reflection of the greater capabilities that are being requested by customers in a highly competitive data management environment. Andrew White, research vice president at analyst firm Gartner, reckons this year will be tough for vendors in the space: “In 2009, customers will be raising the bar for the kinds of capabilities needed to be considered a complete, end to end MDM solution. Users will expect an MDM solution to include a comprehensive development environment for performing cross-source data analysis, iterative prototyping of hub models and testing of survivorship rules.”

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