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Regulatory Reporting: Best Practices in 2024 and Beyond

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Regulatory reporting can often feel like an endless and expensive grind. Achieving reporting excellence demands robust data governance, seamless automated data collection, standardized reporting formats, a centralized system, and a proactive approach to regulatory changes.

While these requirements are well-understood, they are hard to implement. But emerging AI-powered solutions are beginning to show efficiency gains in compliance use-cases, with the promise of making the regulatory data management and reporting process more efficient.

To explore the current landscape of regulatory reporting, identifying key challenges and practical solutions, A-Team is hosting its Best Practices in Regulatory Reporting webinar on July 16.

In this webinar, we’ll delve into next-generation best practices and innovative technologies, including domain trade data, AI, and machine learning. Our experts will discuss actionable insights on implementation, ensuring you walk away with practical strategies.

You’ll hear from Jehangir Abdulla, Head of Back Office Development at Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC.  

Jehangir will be joined by Unmesh Bhide, Director, Securitized Products Valuations at LSEG Data & Analytics and Joshua Beaton Head of Non-Financial Regulatory Reporting (NFRR) at Wells Fargo. 

Finally, Paul Rennison, Director, Corporate Strategy at deltaconX, will be on hand to share his 25 years of experience working for the likes of the London Stock Exchange, Trayport, FIS and now with the Swiss regulatory transaction reporting specialists, deltaconX. Speaking with RegTech Insight Rennison had this message for prospective attendees:

“I think being able to report and manage and track internally up to executive level has been really, really difficult. And I think if you’ve done this alone, i.e. you’ve not used a technology provider who has multiple other clients and experiences, the current low levels of transparency have created unease and uncertainty about whether you are complying. Regardless that this is a market-wide problem not being able to get shared validation of your experiences has made the whole experience far more damaging, I think it is important for people to know that what they are experiencing isn’t unique and it will get better but the experience has been worse for some and that is not a great outcome.”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear about best practices for regulatory reporting and opportunities to unlock significant operational and business benefits.

Register now to discover:

  • The current state of regulatory reporting
  • The necessity of adopting new approaches
  • The latest technologies, services, and solutions
  • Practical guidance for seamless implementation
  • The operational and business advantages of modernized regulatory reporting
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