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Pico Launches Corvil Cloud Analytics

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Pico, the technology services, software, data and analytics provider, has expanded its flagship monitoring platform into the cloud with the launch of Corvil Cloud Analytics.

Pico’s Corvil Analytics is already one of the most widely used platforms for extracting and correlating performance intelligence from networked environments, typically deployed by banks, exchanges, electronic market makers, quantitative hedge funds, data service providers and brokers in colocated or on-premise environments.

The new offering, Corvil Cloud Analytics, provides visibility into the performance of real-time applications running in the public cloud. With its launch, Corvil can now provide a single pane of glass for monitoring colocation, on-prem and cloud environments together. This serves a wide range of use cases across different client segments, says Stacie Swanstrom, Pico’s Chief Product Officer.

“Exchanges and service providers are increasingly delivering real-time market data in the cloud, but until now, visibility has been limited in determining the root cause for things like disconnects, malformed packets, or variable performance between cloud regions. This product can really help those organisations understand where they’re dropping packets and where there are disconnects.”

She continues: “We also serve retail brokerage firms, some of whom host everything in the cloud. They have client support challenges with disconnects or orders not being received, and Corvil Cloud Analytics gives them the visibility necessary to address the issues. Crypto is another segment where we’re getting a lot of interest since the crypto ecosystem runs in the cloud. In fact, we have three firms currently running in beta. And for global banks and trading firms that run development and back testing and other workloads in the cloud, we provide visibility into the variability of those test cases and workloads.”

The product is initially being launched on the AWS cloud, but Pico’s longer-term goal is for it also to be available on other cloud platforms, says Swanstrom. “Pico’s clients are driving the alignment with cloud providers, and we are more than happy to help accommodate those clients as they migrate workloads to the cloud, no matter which provider they choose,” she says. “Right now, we’re mid-beta and aiming for general availability on AWS by mid-1Q 2023. Then we’ll add Google Cloud Platform, where we’ve been working closely with CME, who are bringing us along on their journey, which is really exciting.” (In November last year, CME announced a strategic 10-year partnership, and $1bn investment from, Google).

“We had the vision to provide clients the same technology, visibility and rich analytics they’ve come to rely on through Corvil,” Swanstrom concludes. “Since Corvil Cloud Analytics is software only, this accelerates our deployments and also provides an expedited avenue for proof-of-concept use cases. It’s now easier than ever for clients to access the platform so they can see first-hand what makes Corvil an industry leader in data analytics.”

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