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Overbond & SS&C Eze Collaborate to Offer Seamless Bond Trading Analytics Integration

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Overbond, the fixed income data, analytics and trade automation solutions provider, has partnered with SS&C Eze to make Overbond’s AI and cloud-generated fixed income trading analytics and data available through the Eze Eclipse single-page application.

This will give Eze clients full access to Overbond’s AI and cloud-driven analytics, including: complete and precise aggregate bond trade real-time data streams; actual and implied liquidity and price confidence analytics that auto-adapt to trade size and direction, enabling traders to see implied liquidity and confidence scores; transaction cost analysis with pre-trade recommendations incorporating the historical post-trade data; smart order routing with execution path recommendations across various electronic trading venues and counterparties; AI optimisation for best execution and minimising trading costs.

“These are state of the art analytics for fixed income,” Overbond CEO Vuk Magdelinic tells TradingTech Insight. “Especially with the new features that target the buy side, such as separate bid/ask liquidity scoring, and smart order routing recommendations around how to divide, sequence and route large trades. So it’s a natural fit for Eze customers.”

Under the partnership, Eze users can now source the Overbond client interface directly from the Eze Marketplace and run it as a widget within their Eze Eclipse worksheet.

“The important thing here is the interoperability factor,” says Magdelinic. “When Eze clients access the Overbond app through their marketplace, it’s pre-integrated, so everything operates seamlessly within their Eze workstation.”

Establishing such partnerships with O/EMS vendors and trading platforms is key to Overbond’s approach to the market, says Magdelinic. “It’s part of our core strategy of maximum interoperability for the trading desk. We want to make it as easy as possible for firms to use Overbond, whatever their current or existing trading technology. This partnership with SS&C Eze is a clear example of that.”

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