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LightPoint Launches LightPoint 360 ‘Hedge Fund in a Box’ Solution

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LightPoint Financial Technology, the SaaS-based trading solutions provider, has launched LightPoint 360, a new all-in-one solution that targets new launch hedge funds, combining LightPoint’s existing SaaS-based trading, order management, portfolio management, and accounting product with Microsoft 365. The new ‘hedge fund in a box’ offering also comes with a comprehensive set of outsourced operational and IT services that include trading support, office operations, cloud hosting, security compliance, and fractional CTO services.

“We wanted to create a product based around our core modules and to encapsulate a set of services that would enable new launch hedge funds to get up and running quickly,” says Mike DeSanti, President, LightPoint Financial Technology. “That’s what we’ve done with LightPoint 360. It’s not just the product, it’s really a whole environment, a one stop shop.”

LightPoint 360 is designed to enable funds to run their entire front-to-back operation in a personalised, secure public cloud environment that can scale up over time, explains DeSanti. “We’re single-tenant, so each hedge fund has its own environment on the cloud,” he says. “That gives clients a growth path and it’s more secure. We can tune an instance for them if they’re small, then we can enlarge it as they get bigger. That’s part of the beauty of cloud. With virtual networking and virtual computing, we can create an environment where we function as their IT group and grow with them.”

LightPoint 360’s integrated mobility features give traders and portfolio managers access to secure, live-ticking views of their positions and risk from both their mobile devices and their desktops. They can also execute trades using a cell phone or tablet from any location.

“Because of how we’ve engineered the product, the mobile app isn’t a ‘bolt-on’, it’s actually driven by the same services that drive the terminal app,” says DeSanti. “This ‘mobility first’ approach is important from a technical perspective, because having one set of services that drives all interfaces ensures you’re always going to get the same answer on your phone as you would when sitting at your terminal.”

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