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ipushpull and Rapid Addition Partner to Enhance Real-Time Notification Delivery for Trading Teams

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ipushpull, the live data sharing platform, and Rapid Addition, specialists in electronic trading infrastructure, have partnered to tackle issues of missed alerts and slow notification delivery for trading support teams. The collaboration aims to provide seamless, real-time distribution of critical data notifications via popular chat platforms such as Symphony, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp.

The initiative ensures users remain informed about risk limit breaches, FIX session disconnects, rejected trades, and other vital operational matters, by leveraging ipushpull’s advanced data-sharing technology and Rapid Addition’s robust cross-asset trading infrastructure and monitoring RA Platform.

Mike Powell, Rapid Addition’s CEO, explains to TradingTech Insight how the collaboration aims to offer a secure, flexible, and efficient solution that enhances the responsiveness of trading teams by delivering live information directly to their preferred communication channels.

“The RA Platform provides real-time monitoring capabilities for trading infrastructure, giving users live oversight of trading activity and session status,” he says. “Through our intuitive UI, customers can view updates at an order, client, or financial instrument level, in addition to setting custom alerts and notifications. Rapid Addition has partnered with ipushpull to integrate RA Platform alerts via their data-sharing platform, ensuring traders and support teams never miss an incident when away from their desks. Whatever a user’s preferred chat channel, trading platform alerts can now be seamlessly delivered to their mobile device, ensuring they can respond quickly to client issues at all times.”

Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull, elaborates on how the integration will benefit firms. “Rapid Addition specialises in managing complex, heavy-duty FIX connectivity,” he says. “One of their key tools is a monitoring system, which enables customer support or operations staff to oversee this connectivity. If an issue arises, they can quickly identify it using this tool. We are integrating the ipushpull notifications framework with Rapid Addition’s monitoring tools. This integration allows users to easily check the status or address problems as they arise, typically through chat, but also via our other integrations. Traditionally, these monitoring tools were accessed by the client operations team. Now, anyone within the enterprise, whether on the trading desk, management team, or elsewhere, can query these tools on demand through chat. This makes chat an interface for Rapid Addition’s services, providing instant responses. Previously, users might have needed to email or call the client operations team for updates. Now, the tools are directly accessible to any user who needs this information.”

With the increase in remote work and the challenges of managing high-volume electronic trading activity, the response to this joint solution has been positive, according to Powell. The first live project is scheduled for client deployment later this summer.

“Remote and flexible working are a permanent feature at many firms post the Covid pandemic, enabled by digital technology that supports the virtual office and distributed team collaboration,” says Powell. “While Rapid Addition’s monitoring UI can be accessed from anywhere, we believe that streamlined alerts via a user’s channel and device of choice will enhance responsiveness under any workforce model, ensuring notifications aren’t missed by key stakeholders. ipushpull’s unique omnichannel data sharing and workflow automation solution is the natural extension to RA Platform’s monitoring capabilities, providing an added layer of operational risk mitigation across dispersed teams.”

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