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GoldenSource Partners Snowflake to Deliver Omni Data Management App for the Buy-Side

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GoldenSource has partnered Snowflake to deliver GoldenSource Omni, a native application that deploys the company’s data model on the Snowflake Data Cloud and combines data from multiple sources to centralise all processing and provide analytics and reporting of investment data within the cloud.

As well as combining operational and analytical investment data in a unified data model, GoldenSource Omni allows investment managers to view datasets including securities, prices, listed and private portfolios, transactions and ESG data within a single, easy-to-understand format on the Snowflake platform. They can then analyse data more effectively and accelerate the application of generative AI, including training AI and machine learning models. They can also analyse portfolio holdings and exposures in a timely manner, drill into specific attributes of a portfolio and automate attribution reporting.

“Historically, buy-side participants have struggled with the management of disparate datasets. This was exacerbated by the absence of a comprehensive data model,” says Jeremy Katzeff, head of buy-side solutions at GoldenSource. “With the release of GoldenSource Omni, datasets for different asset classes and functions can be integrated and analysed within a modern cloud-native environment. Firms can replace outdated legacy systems with centralised, cloud-based enterprise data management that is far more efficient and cost effective.”

Rinesh Patel, global head of industry, financial services at Snowflake, adds: “GoldenSource is an ideal partner for us with its market experience and data model that links data across domains, providing a more efficient way for joint customers to run analytics, derive insights and train AI models within the Snowflake platform.”

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