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Dow Jones Risk & Compliance Deploys Generative AI to Transform Due Diligence

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Dow Jones Risk & Compliance has launched an AI-powered research platform to help clients reduce the time and effort in building investigative due diligence reports from multiple sources. The new offering aims to reshape compliance workflows, creating an additional layer of investigation that can be deployed at scale.

Dow Jones Integrity Check is an automated screening solution that identifies risks and red flags from thousands of data sources including, accessing millions of registries and screening data sources and trillions of web pages across the indexed Internet.

Harnessing generative AI (GenAI), natural language processing (NLP), and entity resolution technologies from Xapien (formerly Digital Insights), Dow Jones Integrity Check extracts and summarizes vast volumes of information into intuitive reports that are quick and easy to digest in as little as five minutes. The solution promises to significantly reduce false positives, saving compliance professionals valuable time and resources.

Designed with regulatory guidance in mind, the new solution incorporates proactive safeguards against hallucinations and continuous review to ensure trustworthy, unbiased results. The outputs are fully sourced and auditable, with links to the original articles and records for further interrogation.

“Reducing the amount of time needed to run a background check from days to minutes will transform the way compliance teams approach due diligence, ultimately providing greater transparency and assurance on who they are doing business with,” says Joel Lange, EVP and GM, of Dow Jones Risk & Research. “Together with Xapien, we are pioneering the future of risk mitigation, harnessing GenAI and other emerging technologies responsibly to facilitate smarter, faster decision-making.”

Dow Jones Integrity Check is the latest in a suite of AI-powered risk management tools that Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is rolling out as it invests in advanced AI and automation for the compliance sector. As part of Dow Jones’ commitment to the responsible use of AI, sources are appropriately licensed for generative AI models, ensuring customers are basing decisions on reliable content that is copyright compliant.

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is a subscription-only service that provides information curated exclusively from publicly available sources. Risk & Compliance collects and processes this information, which includes personal data available in the source material such as newspaper articles, government and other official websites, government directories, and other publicly available information, to assist subscribers in performing due diligence and other screening activities in accordance with their legal or regulatory obligations and risk management procedures. The information is only made available to subscribers who require it to mitigate risks and meet regulatory requirements relating to, for example, money laundering, bribery and corruption, sanctions, due diligence, and commercial risk operations.

The solution includes customer due diligence (CDD) and onboarding processes comprising extensive checks over beneficial ownership, screenings for politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctioned entities, and adverse media. Ongoing monitoring ensures that existing customer profiles do not evolve in ways that increase risk exposure. A range of managed services is available supporting the full spectrum of compliance activity, from initial setups and reviews to continuous monitoring and support. These offerings are supported by a comprehensive risk database, cutting-edge research tools, and educational resources.

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance was voted Best Sanctions and PEPs Solution in the A-Team Group RegTech Insight Awards for 2023.

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