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Datactics Partners Solidatus and MANTA, Supports Clients Developing Data Fabric

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Datactics has made technology partnerships with Solidatus and MANTA with a view to helping clients build data fabric architecture that enables them to visualise and understand data quality at rest and in motion across the enterprise.

By combining Datactics’ self-service data quality and matching software with Solidatus’ data lineage discovery, visualisation and management solution, clients can leverage the combined capabilities of the firms to visualise and understand data quality across the enterprise without being tied to a single enterprise data governance and quality platform.

Similarly, the integration of Datactics’ self-service data quality software with MANTA’s data lineage platform, which automatically scans an organisation’s data environment to build a map of data in motion as it flows between various sources and transformations, enables clients to visualise data quality in motion.

“These partnerships relate to data fabric architecture, a meta way to connect apps and simplify data management across a heterogeneous environment,” says Stuart Harvey, CEO at Datactics. “While clients would typically set up our data quality service, then set up Solidatus and MANTA solutions and move data from one app to another, data fabric uses API connectivity to transmit data natively between the apps, removing spokes and providing interoperability.”

The business case for data fabric, Harvey adds, is based on the need for companies to become more data driven. By providing a best-of-breed ecosystem of tools, data fabric architecture moves away from one data store to more federated data storage and governance. “Data is now so important that we need observability, particularly the ability to monitor and fix continuous flows of data that are constantly being used, but observability is only possible if the best technologies can be used at the best point in time.”

Datactics’ partnership with Solidatus gives clients a reliable and high-quality insight into their data, enabling them to make better decision, prioritise and fix key data quality issues and address the negative impact of poor data quality wherever it resides in the organisation.

Solidatus co-founder Phil Dutton says: “This partnership underlines our vision to revolutionise the data economy. We’re looking forward to the opportunities this new relationship will bring, particularly in the case of fast-growing demand for best-in-class data fabric architecture.”

Commenting on the partnership between Datactics and MANTA, which covers data in motion, MANTA senior vice president of product Ernie Ostic says: “With this partnership, Datactics and MANTA will increase visibility into what happens to data as it moves through the enterprise. We will work together to provide clients with the ability to measure data quality in the context of their data pipelines and establish more accurate priorities for the application of their data quality rules.”

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