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Cosaic and Aiera Partner to Deliver Plug-and-Play Desktop Interoperability

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Smart desktop technology specialist Cosaic – formerly known as ChartIQ – has partnered with Aiera, an event-monitoring platform to provide plug-and-play interoperability of Aiera’s components with other applications on client desktops. Aiera allows hedge funds, banks and corporates with live monitoring of Wall Street events, via desktop and mobile applications and APIs.

Aiera used Cosaic’s open-sourced Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium (FDC3) Workbench and Finsemble Smart Desktop Designer to make its applications compliant with FDC3 standards in order to share and synchronise data and context with other desktop applications, out-of-the-box. FDC3 is a common language and API that applications can use to seamlessly communicate with each other so that they can interoperate immediately once installed on an FDC3 desktop agent. In October last year, Cosaic open-sourced its FDC3 Workbench and contributed it to FINOS (the Fintech Open Source Foundation), making it available at no cost for developers.

“Aiera did most of the work on this themselves,” says Cosaic CEO and co-founder Dan Schleifer. “We introduced them to our Smart Desktop Designer and to the open-sourced FDC3 Workbench, and they were able to very quickly get their applications FDC3-compliant. It’s exactly why we open-sourced the workbench. We want to make it as low friction as possible for application providers like Aiera to add desktop interoperability. And we’re not just making it easier for vendors, but also for internal application developers across the buy side and sell side too.”

According to Schleifer, firms can leverage Cosaic’s no-code/low code solution to create an integrated desktop environment and immediately connect FDC3-compliant applications, to enable rapid integration into client workflows. “Supporting FDC3 and validating compatibility with Finsemble — at zero cost to vendors — ensures that their applications will work everywhere, across all interop platforms, he says. “We need to stop building applications and start building workflows. That mindset change is really important. It’s the new status quo, and Aiera is at the forefront.”

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