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BNY Mellon Enhances AI Capabilities with NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD Deployment

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BNY Mellon, in a significant step towards advancing its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, has announced the deployment of an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, becoming the first major bank to implement such advanced AI infrastructure. This move was facilitated by a strong partnership with NVIDIA Professional Services, allowing for a faster-than-usual setup of the SuperPOD, which includes the cutting-edge DGX H100 systems.

The DGX SuperPOD, equipped with numerous NVIDIA DGX systems and NVIDIA InfiniBand networking and based on NVIDIA’s reference architecture, is poised to significantly enhance BNY Mellon’s computing power and processing capabilities. The bank plans to leverage NVIDIA AI Enterprise software within the new system to bolster the development and deployment of AI-driven applications, as well as to manage its AI infrastructure more effectively.

BNY Mellon is no stranger to the forefront of AI and accelerated computing within the financial sector. Its AI Hub currently operates over 20 AI-enabled solutions, facilitating a range of functions from predictive analytics to automation and anomaly detection. This aligns with the company’s ongoing efforts to harness AI for process enhancement and risk control, underpinned by stringent risk management and governance practices.

The NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD will support various critical financial operations at BNY Mellon, including deposit forecasting, payment automation, and predictive trade analytics. Following a comprehensive internal review, the company has identified over 600 potential AI applications, with numerous projects already underway using NVIDIA’s suite of AI Enterprise software tools such as NVIDIA NeMo, an end-to-end platform for developing custom generative AI; NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, inference-serving software that puts trained AI models to work; and NVIDIA Base Command, the operating system of the NVIDIA DGX platform.

“Key to our technology strategy is empowering our clients through scalable, trusted platforms and solutions,” commented Bridget Engle, BNY Mellon’s Chief Information Officer. “By deploying NVIDIA’s AI supercomputer, we can accelerate our processing capacity to innovate and launch AI-enabled capabilities that help us manage, move and keep our clients’ assets safe.”

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