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Adaptive Partners with Google Cloud to Reinforce Cloud Capabilities for Clients

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Adaptive Financial Consulting (Adaptive), the technology solutions provider that builds and operates bespoke trading systems for its clients, has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud. The partnership will enable Adaptive to further leverage Google Cloud’s processing power and analytical capabilities, and will also bolster resilience for services built on Google Cloud.

The partnership follows Adaptive’s acquisition earlier this year of low-latency trading technology provider, Real Logic, the founders of Aeron, a cloud native open source suite of components for message transport and fault tolerant service containers designed for trading system development. Aeron also underpins Adaptive’s Hydra Platform – a framework that accelerates the delivery of trading solutions for its capital markets clients.

“We’ve been delivering trading solutions for clients on Google Cloud for some time, so we know the landscape well,” says Matt Barrett, Adaptive’s CEO & Co-Founder. “This partnership expands on that because we are now speaking directly with different teams and sector specialists within Google – on both the engineering and the solutions side – to explain what Aeron is and how it solves for fast market data distribution on the cloud, how our matching engine on the cloud works, what the front office workload in general looks like on the cloud, and those sorts of things. Over time, our technology will be tuned for latency and performance on Google Cloud because we will be benchmarking, load testing, performance tuning, and otherwise iterating, to make sure it is the best it can be for our mutual customers.”

Aeron, a cloud-native platform, is designed to provide fast, highly secure, fault-tolerant, round-the-clock, low-latency messaging services. Barrett suggests that the partnership will allow Adaptive’s clients to benefit from Aeron’s technological resiliency and to unlock the full potential of Google Cloud’s capabilities. “It gives us deeper access to resources and to the right people within the right teams at Google to solve performance and technical problems. As a partner, we get an insight into Google’s future direction, and we can align our technology so that it is immediately suited for when Google goes live with new features. Additionally, we can provide Google with insights into capital markets use cases and requirements.”

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