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Adaptive Launches Aeron Open-Source Community and Announces Aeron Premium

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Adaptive Financial Consulting, the electronic trading technology solutions provider, has announced the next phase of development for its Aeron platform, which Adaptive acquired in February 2022, when it bought Real Logic. Since the acquisition, Adaptive has doubled the size of the Aeron engineering team.

To continue with its commitment to the open-source Aeron technology, Adaptive will launch the Aeron Open-Source Community in Q1 2023. Additionally, Adaptive has announced the availability of Aeron Premium, which will expand the software by offering premium features and functionalities, helping firms further accelerate the build of bespoke trading systems.

“We’re absolutely committed to supporting the open-source version of Aeron,” Kevin Covington, Chief Commercial Officer at Adaptive, tells TradingTech Insight. “There is a large body of organisations that have built a competitive environment for themselves around Aeron’s open-source technology. By launching and sponsoring the Aeron Open-Source Community, we will continue to support and encourage that.”

As part of the programme, Adaptive has launched Aeron Community MeetUps across North America and Europe, for Aeron users and developers to share knowledge and applications of the technology. “One of the great things about sponsoring the Community is that we’ll learn more about people’s requirements and can then feed those into the product roadmap, accelerating the addition of new features,” says Covington.

Aeron Premium will give financial services firms access to additional features, enterprise-grade SLAs and enhanced technical support to allow them to build highly available trading systems. In future, licensable modules that complement Aeron Premium with additional business feature sets, will also be made available.

“For firms using Aeron in a business-critical production environment who need enterprise-grade support, Aeron Premium will provide bug fixes, enhancements, new features and strict SLAs,” says Covington. “And importantly, the support capability will be for the version and environment that they’re using, rather than just the latest version at the top of the open-source stack. That’s worth its weight in gold.”

There are two key components to the Aeron platform. Aeron Cluster is a framework for high-performance in-memory fault-tolerant services, which enables resilient 24/7 workloads to be created in the cloud, on-prem or both. Aeron Transport is a high-performance low-latency high-bandwidth messaging system supporting unicast, multicast and Inter Process Communication, which comes in particularly useful when getting around the restrictions of multicast, says Covington.

“Aeron enables you to layer multi-destination cast (MDC) on top of UDP-type environments,” he explains. “Because MDC is an emulation of multicast over unicast streams, you can create a market data fan-out structure using MDC for example, with very good latency and high throughput performance, even under the constraints of a cloud-native environment.”

Matt Barrett, Adaptive’s CEO, commented: “Adaptive is at a hugely exciting point in its history following the acquisition of Real Logic a year ago. In addition to our commitment to support Aeron Open-Source, the Aeron community has been asking for ways to further leverage our expertise and developments around the technology. This next phase also presents an exciting opportunity to expand our offering and use our expertise to help firms fulfil Aeron’s incredible potential, while accelerating delivery and reducing delivery risk.”

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