2024 Categories

9th May 2024


ESG Insight Awards 2024 Categories

Nominations for the ESG Insight Awards can be made by financial institutions, vendors, consultants and our advisory board in the following categories.

Best Overall ESG Data Provider

For those providers who feel they have the best all-encompassing solution for supplying a wide range of ESG data to financial institutions

Best Overall ESG Technology Provider

For those providers who feel they have the most complete technology solution to help financial institutions manage their ESG investments

Best ESG Data and Technology Consultancy

Provides consultancy services to market practitioners related to their data and technology strategy and projects.

Best ESG Solution for Unstructured Data

Provider that gathers otherwise unusable unstructured data to turn into high value insight for ESG investments

Best Environment Data Provider for ESG

Provides data on corporates related to environmental aspects such as their water use, emissions, deforestation impacts and more.

Best ESG Social Data Provider

Provides data about the ‘social’ aspect of companies, such as its relationship with its workforce, the societies in which it operates and the political environment.

Best Governance Data Provider for ESG

Evaluates the governance of an entity – covering issues such as board structure, diversity, experience, conduct, systems and procedures, risk governance, tax strategy and more. (Not to be confused with the process of data governance for ESG data management – see below under Data Management)

Best ESG Company Disclosure Provider

Provides who gather corporate disclosure data across a wide range of companies relating to their approach and performance in environmental, social and governance issues.

Best ESG Scores & Ratings Provider

Provides scores with objective and transparent methodology to evaluate a company’s relative performance across all areas of ESG

Best ESG Sentiment Data Provider

Gathers a high volume of data to evaluate the general market and investor sentiment about a company’s ESG performance.

Best ESG Research Provider

Provides in-depth information to help investors understand ESG practices, whether that’s for corporates or countries.

Best ESG Index Provider

Provides indexes to benchmark ESG performance (whether in equities, fixed income, climate or more).

Best ESG Risk Data Provider

Provides data to help investors identify an entity’s risk of issues across environmental, social and governance aspects of its business.

Best Taxonomy Data Solution for ESG

Collects and delivers company-reported taxonomy data to enable compliance with the EU Taxonomy reporting obligations.

Best ESG Sovereign Data Provider

Provider collates data related to a country’s practices – covering things like environmental, food security, demography, education, employment, human rights, government effectiveness, and more – to help investors evaluate country-related investments.

Best ESG Fund Rating Data Provider

Provider evaluates the performance of mutual funds and ETFs from the viewpoint of ESG considerations.

Best ESG Supply Chain Data Provider

Provides data about the resilience and corporate social responsibility within a company’s supply chain.

Best Biodiversity Data Provider for ESG

Provides data on the impact of corporate or sovereign activity (such as mines, oil operations and pipelines) on biodiversity, or the variety of life on earth from individual species through to entire ecosystems such as forests or coral reefs.

Best ESG KYC Surveillance Provider

Provides software to collect and monitor ‘relationship intelligence’ as part of the ongoing Know Your Client due diligence process with flags tailored to ESG-related risks.

Best Controversy Monitoring Solution for ESG

Provides monitoring capabilities allowing investors to identify and manage exposures to ESG-related controversies (from bribery and corruption, to corporate scandals, to environmental issues) of the entities it invests in.

Best Dashboard Solution for ESG

Provider of dashboard software enabling firms to assess the ESG performance of entities in a single visual analytical tool, often with peer-to-peer benchmarking.

Best Analytics Provider for ESG

Delivers a quantitative and AI-driven view to enable analysis of the ESG performance of investments

Best Portfolio Screening Solution for ESG

Provides a toolset to enable clients to apply filters to screen their portfolios based on an investors ESG credentials, or the values and ethics of the investor.

Best ESG Risk Management Solution

Provider of risk management software that enables firms to manage a much broader range of ESG-related risks.

Best ESG Carbon Accounting Provider

Software to allow financial institutions to understand and adjust the carbon emissions impact of asset managers’ portfolios, or a banks activities such as M&A, allocation strategies, EFT building or more.

Best Investment Management Software for ESG

Provider of investment management software with fully integrated ESG data and workflows to enable clients to tailor their investment strategies to meet sustainability objectives.

Best Data Management Solution for ESG

Provides a data management solution for integrating across multiple internal and external data sources, data validation and cross referencing of data, provides screening, and delivers data into applications, analytics, regulatory reporting services, and more.

Best Data Governance Framework Solution for ESG

Extends the traditional data governance framework to provide a solution that incorporates ESG data flows, and provides control over ESG data quality and its use throughout the financial enterprise.

Best AI / ML Solution for ESG

Demonstrates use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) technologies to address an ESG-related data or technology challenge in financial markets.

Best ESG Climate Risk Solution

Enables risk evaluation capabilities to enable clients to identify, quantify and manage climate-related risks.

Best Benchmarking Solution for ESG

Provides benchmarking across corporations of their ESG performance.

Best Regulatory Reporting Solution for ESG

Enables clients to gather, format and submit data needed by regulators in compliance with ESG-related regulations.

Best Regulatory Change Management Solution for ESG

Provides a solution to manage the process of reviewing and understanding ongoing regulatory change across jurisdictions and feeding into workflows for clients to better manage their regulatory obligations.

Best ESG Standards Initiative

An initiative that addresses the needs for ESG standards – whether data standards, taxonomy, reporting approaches, or more – that provides easier management of ESG investments for market practitioners.