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JHC Helps Wealth Managers Move into the Digital World with Digital Wealth Platform

Wealth management firm JHC Systems (JHC) has released Digital Wealth Platform, a product and service allowing firms to digitise key processes with a view to improving efficiency and end user experience, while giving wealth managers more to time to focus on client relationships and retention.

Digital Wealth Platform combines a centralised database approach with a modular offer covering mission critical data, processes, people, activities and offices, and allows all aspects to function as one. The platform can be used as a foundation on which firms can build a digital ecosystem using JHC or third-party solutions.

JHC has worked in the wealth management sector for over 25 years, racking up clients including Davy, Charles Stanley, LGT Vestra and Societe Generale Securities Services. It acknowledges a recent PwC report, Sink or Swim: Why wealth management can’t afford to miss the digital wave, that states: “Wealth management stands today as one of the least tech-literate sectors of the financial services industry, and is falling well behind non-financial services industries – a status that is threatening its survival.”

Edward Lopez, chief revenue officer at JHC, says: “We have seen this first hand so we know that wealth managers need to build from the ground up, making sure that they have the bare necessities in place first. The Digital Wealth Platform provides firms with a solid foundation from which they can start thinking about leaping into the future.”

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