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TradingTech Summit: Bringing together the trading technology community.

3 Times Square New York City

11th June 2019




Registration and Networking over Coffee


Chair’s Opening address:
Andrew Delaney, Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group


Opening Keynote: Enabling digital transformation at Société Générale

  • Approaching innovation and digital change at Société Générale
  • Building a shared technology platform using public cloud and APIs

Simon Letort, Chief Digital Officer and Head of Innovation, Société Générale Americas 


(User) Panel: Bringing digital transformation to your business:  balancing innovation vs. cost

Reviewing progress trading firms are making towards digital transformation initiatives to create a differentiated platform at a scalable cost:

  • Innovation opportunities for trading firms in today’s changing landscape
  • Culture and mindset: Tackling the challenges of overhauling legacy systems and inefficient processes
  • Controlling costs and enabling innovation using flexible, open architectures that enable a more service oriented approach
  • Making decisions on outsourcing, managed services or building in-house for non core services and to enable focus on value added capabilities
  • Ensuring effective security risk controls for increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks

Moderated by: Andrew Delaney, Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group
Lindsey Burik,
Managing Director, Head of Electronic Trading, Mizuho
Nikhil Singhvi, Managing Director – Core Trading Technology, Credit Suisse
Vijay Bhandari,
Innovation Specialist, Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs


Networking and Refreshment Break


Panel: The evolution of Fixed Income Trading – moving to digital infrastructure

Discussion around the evolution of screen trading and desktop modernization to improve workflow efficiencies

  • Challenges of current desktop user interfaces
  • Technology approaches to managing desktop modernization
  • Incorporating legacy applications into new structures and enabling interoperability
  • Progress around standards and how they are developing

Keyvan Azami, MD, Global Head of Technology, BGC Partners



Panel: Optimizing trading infrastructures for high performance in today’s markets 

  • Maintaining high quality connectivity and network monitoring: balancing speed with increased data volumes
  • What’s new in co-location?
  • Time stamping and clock synchronisation: Establishing governance processes, ensuring resiliency, traceability and the audit trail
  • Utilising high performance hardware (FPGAs, GPUs, acceleration technologies) for low latency environments
  • Leveraging infrastructure and performance monitoring data to optimize execution quality

Eric Powers, Head of Infrastructure, HC Technologies
Jason England,
Head of Capital Markets Networks and Hosting, TD Securities 
Raymond Russell, Co-founder & CTO, Corvil
Steve Williams, General Manager, Fixnetix


Keynote : Trade Execution analytics – turning trade execution insights into alpha

Trade Execution (TE) analytics is the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to trade execution data to derive insights about trade outcome and quality such that  an above average market outcome can be achieved i.e., systems alpha. This talk will look at how  specific metrics of trading systems performance, and order type selection can be analysed with machine learning algorithms to see which parameters have the greatest influence on order execution quality and outcome.  TE analytics is based on machine learning algorithms that analyses and learn correlated relationships between observed order execution outcomes and a wide range of IT performance metrics and order parameters.  The technology can be used to:

  • Identify if IT infrastructure performance is responsible for a specific execution anomaly e.g. sudden increase in the number of cancels from a specific venue
  • Investigate which parameters of IT infrastructure performance are causing a change in execution quality e.g. is lower market data latency the reason why client fill rates improved
  • Understand what actions can be taken in IT infrastructure to optimise order execution quality. e.g. are more gateway sessions required for NASDAQ?

Donal Byrne, CEO, Corvil 


Networking and Lunch


Panel:  Reviewing the impact of Rule 606 on transparency and execution performance
Rule 606 requires brokers to provide granular order-routing details – what are the implications for the sell side and buy side, what uncertainties and points of clarification are still required and what can the industry expect?

Moderated by: Tom Jordan, CEO, Jordan & Jordan
Venu Palaparthi,
Managing Director – Chief Compliance Officer, Dash Financial Technologies
Enrico Cacciatore,
Senior Quantitative Trader – Head of Market Structure and Trading Analytics, Voya Investment Management
Jack Miller,
Head of Trading, Robert W. Baird & Co.


Panel: The evolution of the Algo Trading Desk: Tech driven trading becomes clients’ gateway to the sell-side

Panel discussion to bring together the sell side and the buy side to talk about the evolving role of the Algo trading desk and how the sell side is meeting the growing needs of the buy side through Block Executions, Smart Order Routing, Transaction Cost Analysis, ML & AI tools.  

  • Meeting the changing needs of the buy side through improved client service and customised algos
  • OMS/EMS platforms and technology priorities
  • Increasing use of real time analytics from the buy side and impact on sell side
  • The value of algo wheels/automation for order flow

Moderated by: Bill Harts, CEO, Harts & Company
Kathryn Zhao,
Global Head of Electronic Trading, Cantor Fitzgerald
Saurabh Srivastav,
SVP, Electronic Trading, Jefferies
Eric Karpman, SME in Trading Technology & Electronic Trading (Buy side)


Networking and Refreshment Break


Afternoon Keynote: 


Panel: Leveraging cloud technologies to maximise performance 

  • Cloud Integration: Challenges around migration of systems to cloud
  • Cloud data management for your hybrid cloud environment
  • Approaches to monitoring and governing cloud environments
  • The rise of APIs and micro-services in helping deliver agility
  • When to use Software as a Service and Hosted Solutions
  • Parallel processing using GPU Farms: how and when to do this to best effect

Moderated by: Ian Tivey, Associate Partner and Cloud Practice Lead, Citihub Consulting
Bijan Treister, Head of WorldQuant Infrastructure, Millennium Management
Anthony Amicangioli,
Founder and CEO, Hyannis Port Research (HPR)
Vikas Chawla,
Executive Director, Global Engineering Lead for Public Cloud and HPC, Morgan Stanley


TradingTech Insight North America Awards Ceremony

**Agenda subject to change **


“This is my second year attending the Intelligent Trading Summit. A-Team Group pull together a good group of relevant panellists and speakers – backed up by a good show in the exhibitor section. These are the people who you want to meet and listen to. I find myself able to agree with some information – but always with a learning aspect attached to that and the rest. I look forward to the event next year.”

Julian Maule, Delivery Manager, eTrading Systems, Rabobank