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11 May 2023



America Square Conference Centre, London



Registration and Networking over Coffee


Opening and Welcome
Andrew Delaney,
President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group 


Regulator Keynote:

9:35 am

Regulator and User Panel: Navigating the ESG regulatory landscape  advances in harmonisation and standardisation

  • The changing climate for ESG investing – how can we avoid ESG fatigue?
  • Reviewing the ESG regulatory landscape: What has been achieved so far and what can we expect to achieve in 2023? 
  • Taxonomies and frameworks: what are the latest developments and are these improving standardisation in reporting?
  • How has Brexit affected the ESG agenda and what can we expect to see in 2023? 
  • Global developments – how can financial institutions meet ESG regulatory requirements across jurisdictions?
  • What are the regulatory developments and codes for companies that produce ESG ratings?
  • How can we refocus on the ‘S’ and ‘G’ of ESG?

Moderator: Andrew Delaney, President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group
Mardi McBrien,
Director of Strategic Affairs, IFRS Foundation
Jason Mitchell, Head of Responsible Investment Research, Man Group PLC
Barrie Ingman, Financial Regulatory Lawyer, Citi


Keynote: Hidden risks and ongoing complexity in the ESG data space

  • Explaining the challenges with transparency and disclosure, IOSCO’s guidance as well as the regulatory developments – in the UK, and in the EU
  • Developing ways for a “multi-vendor, single access point” to normalise and standardise ESG data and formats – the role of SIX
  • Identifying ways to collectively address ESG Data challenges, complexity and conundrums – our roadmap with and for FoSDA

Martina Macpherson, Head of ESG Product Management, SIX


Networking and Refreshment Break


Panel: Deep dive into the data challenges of SFDR 

  • What are the outstanding data challenges of SFDR?
  • How should financial institutions interpret what qualifies as a sustainable investment under level 2 requirements?
  • How should financial institutions determine whether funds should be classified under Article 8 or 9?
  • What is the role and uptake of reporting templates?
  • How can new and emerging technologies support SFDR compliance?

Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group
Sean Taylor, 
Executive Director, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management
Alexandra Pavlovskis, 
ESG Data Consultant, SIX


Keynote: Snowflake 


Panel: How to build a strong ESG data foundation with complete, accurate and high quality data

  • Processes for data sourcing and collection: what are the trends? 
  • Evaluating data providers: What progress is being made on ratings, scores and methodologies?
  • Metrics: How are metrics that are useful to ESG data quality developing?
  • How should data controls and governance be applied to ESG data?
  • What are the best approaches to improving transparency of ESG data?
  • Talent and skills for ESG data management

Moderator: Hany Choueiri, Interim Head of Data, Sainsbury’s
Panagiota Balfousia, 
Head of Sustainable Business Strategy, Kieger AG
Dr Jan-Carl Plagge, 
Head of ESG Research, Vanguard Asset Management 


Lunch and Networking


Keynote: TBD


Panel: Modernising data infrastructure to enable accessible ESG data and analytics insight

  • What are the key change requirements and data architecture considerations for building out data platforms for ESG?
  • ESG data management and integration: what are the trends around working with 3rd parties, buy vs. build?  
  • What are the common success factors and mistakes to avoid when moving ESG data into the cloud?  
  • How can financial institutions achieve real time access to data and analytics across multiple cloud and hybrid environments?
  • What are the benefits of moving to cloud based solutions for ESG data?
  • What is green data storage and how important is it?

Sam Livingstone, Head of Data Science, Jupiter Asset Management
Elisabeth Seep, Head of ESG Product Management, Rimes 


Panel: Achieving Sustainable Alpha 

  • How can we use data and advanced analytics models to create approaches that integrate ESG factors into ETFs and fund building?
  • How can we harness data and advanced analytics models to drive investment decision making?
  • Getting the most from value from your ESG analytics through harnessing unstructured data 
  • How can sustainable alpha can ensure that investment returns are also green and beneficial to ESG goals? 

Nirav Shah, Executive Director, Sustainable Investing Technology, JP Morgan


Networking and Refreshment 


Panel: Data management for climate risk management analysis 

  • What are the data challenges for measuring climate risk and how they can be addressed?
  • What approaches can be taken to integrate climate data into current models and systems?
  • How to integrate climate risk into wider risk frameworks
  • What are the skill sets and resources needed for climate risk modelling?
  • What opportunities and developments can the industry expect to see in the climate data space over the next year?

Moderator: David Carlin, Climate Risk and TCFD Lead, UNEP-FI
Gianluca Cantalupi, 
Global Head of Sustainability and Climate Risk, Credit Suisse
Monica Filkova,
Head of Climate and Nature Investment Risk, Chief Investment Office, Aviva


Panel: The next frontier: Managing biodiversity and supply chain risk

  • How can financial institutions define and measure biodiversity and supply chain risk?
  • What data sources are useful here and what are the challenges of acquiring the data?  
  • What are the regulatory expectations for biodiversity disclosures?
  • How will industry innovation reduce complexity and improve information flow in biodiversity?
  • What lessons can be applied from climate risk management to help manage biodiversity risk? 
  • How can firms integrate biodiversity and supply chain risk into wider risk frameworks?

ESG Insight Award Winners Ceremony
Networking and Drinks Reception



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