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A-Team Briefing: Cloud Innovation for Data Ops

September, 2023

September, 2023



TBC, London
September, 2023



TBC, London

We’re working on plans for our 2023 edition of the Cloud Innovation briefing by A-Team Group, where we’ll be looking at how cloud innovation is reshaping Data Ops.

With the acceleration of cloud adoption, demand for digital transformation and real time data management,  the pressure is increasing for financial institutions to overhaul their IT infrastructures to enable more agile operating models that can respond faster to change and make better use of data as a competitive advantage.

The holy grail for data consumers (internal and external) is to be able to access trusted, quality, data anywhere, frictionlessly and in real time, with safe and secure governance.

To reach this objective, financial institutions need to re-imagine and simplify their data infrastructures with modernised data capture, storage and processing capabilities. Alongside a modernised data infrastructure is the need to harness consistent analytics, data science and visualisation as core capabilities from front to back office.

This Innovation Briefing will explore approaches to data infrastructure modernisation, technologies required and how to make sure processes are optimised to support real time data management.

Hear from leading practitioners and innovative technology solution providers who will share insight into the transformation challenges and how to leverage a modern data platform to provide user access to consistent data and analytics, and companies the ability to monetise their data.

Meet the speakers & advisory board

Sunny Jaisinghani Technology Platform Owner – Data Mesh
Former HSBC
Simon Massey Data Mesh Lead
Former HSBC
Duncan Cooper Head of OMNI Digital Services
BNY Mellon
Colin Gibson Senior Advisor and Regional Advocate
EDM Council
Hugh Davidson Head of Data Management
Man Group
Oli Bage Distinguished Engineer | Head of Architecture, Data & Analytics
Ilija Zovko Senior Researcher
Aspect Capital
Nav Hira Head of Data Management
Bond Radar
Andrea Nardon CIO
Creed & Bear
Rob Horton Head of Enginnering
Options Technology
Dan Seal SVP, Streaming Analytics
Ihyeeddine Elfeki Trading & Risk Management Solutions Lead
Hirander Misra Chairman & CEO
GMEX Group
James Wilson Director, Banking & Capital Markets
Sarah Belsham Data, Analytics and Insights Partner
Peter Jackson Director, Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Carruthers & Jackson
Ben Jefferys Senior Technical Pre-Sales
Adedamola Adetola Senior Sales Executive
If you'd like to get involved, bring a team of people, or have any questions about this event, please get in touch with us
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