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Fitch Mulls Inclusion of Climate Risks in Credit Scores

Fitch is seeking views on the inclusion of climate-risk factors in the calculation of the broad credit worthiness scores it provides for thousands of companies. The ratings company said its Climate Vulnerability Scores, which it provides separate to regular credits ratings, could provide an additional screen in the assessment of firms’ credit worthiness.

CHOM Capital Rolls up its Sleeves to Get the Data that Ratings Don’t

For managers of large-cap assets, obtaining the right ESG data is difficult. For those, like CHOM CAPITAL, that manage European equities with a particular focus on small caps, the hurdles are even greater. The oft-cited gaps in the data records of managers of blue-chips can be gaping chasms for firms whose portfolios are crammed with…

Thailand Proposes Green Taxonomy to Boost Sustainable Market

Thailand has published proposals for its own green taxonomy to help develop the Southeast Asian nation’s sustainability markets. The draft pilot, put out for consultation late last week, is largely based on the European Union’s taxonomy and will focus first on drawing up parameters for climate change mitigation measures.

2023, the Year When ESG Comes of Age

If the past 12 months tested the resilience of the global ESG project, then 2023 is likely to be the turning point from which it becomes an irreversible part of the financial landscape. Data quality will improve as regulations toughen and as disclosures and reporting standards become codified internationally, market experts predict for the new…

Fitch ESG Unit Expand Ratings on Covered and Structured Bonds

Sustainable Fitch has begun providing ESG ratings for labelled structured and covered bonds with an issuance value of US$100 billion. The metrics are the latest additions to Fitch Sustainable’s ESG Ratings, Data and Analysis unit, which has been offering data on $500bn of labelled and KPI-linked debt.

FCA Urges Refocus of Diversity Data, Reveals ESG Ratings Code Plan

The UK’s financial overseer has urged firms to review their use of data to improve their diversity and inclusion performance. Sheldon Mills, the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) executive director for consumers and competition said firms are focusing too closely on gender and diversity, rather than socio-economic data. The call follows the FCA’s announcement that it…

RepRisk Launches Biodiversity Data Tool for Extractives Projects

ESG data provider RepRisk has launched a new biodiversity impact tool for investors, the latest product that seeks to provide visibility into one of the fastest-growing parts of the green economy. RepRisk Geospatial Analytics offers managers and owners of mining, oil and gas assets a detailed view of the proximity of their projects to natural…

Bloomberg Applies New Industry-Implied Estimate Model to Expand Emissions Coverage

Bloomberg has expanded its coverage of corporate carbon emissions using a new estimates model that is providing greenhouse gas datasets on about 40,000 more companies. The US data giant said carbon emission estimates would now be offered on 100,000 companies, providing transparency into their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Bloomberg said the broader coverage…

Rimes Offers Clients DEI Data from Denominator

Diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) metrics specialist Denominator is to provide data and scores to financial institution clients of ESG data management company Rimes Technologies. Rimes, which won two gongs in this year’s A-Team Innovation Awards, described the new partnership as a “great addition to our data universe”. Denominator’s metrics are based on more than…

S&P Sustainable1 Physical Risk Scores Offer Social Impact Window

E, S and G is generally regarded in aggregation, but data products and services usually measure each individually. S&P Global Sustainable1 business, however, believes the geolocated company and climate data combined in its new physical risks metrics are providing a means of measuring the conjunction of the first two of ESG’s pillars. The global rating…