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FactSet Releases LLM-Based Knowledge Agent for Junior Bankers

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FactSet, a digital platform and enterprise solutions provider, has released the beta version of FactSet Mercury, a knowledge agent based on a large language model (LLM) and designed to power digital workflows and enhance fact-based decision making.

The solution optimises company research workflows for junior bankers, offering a single, trusted conversational interface to access key company information with supporting context and actionable next steps. Users can access FactSet’s financial fundamentals and pricing data, along with bank and branch regulatory data through an integrated suite of generative AI (GenAI) tools surfaced in a single chat interface.

Kendra Brown, senior director, banking and sell-side research at FactSet, comments: “By providing a seamless conversational interface, we are streamlining the research process and empowering users with comprehensive data and actionable insights. With FactSet Mercury, we are enhancing productivity and delivering personalised, connected content to our clients.”

The release of FactSet Mercury is part of FactSet Explorer, a product preview programme developed under FactSet’s AI Blueprint. The programme enables clients to gain early access to GenAI-powered beta products and contribute directly to their development. FactSet is working with a number of banking clients, with plans to scale the Explorer programme across its buy-side and wealth client segments.

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